7 October / Fencing with Bows

7 October, 7pm – ‘Fencing with Bows’: concert-contest between baroque violinists Andrey Reshetin and Maria Krestinskaya. 

Virtuoso 18th century music for solo violin will be heard in the authentic interiors of the Menshikov Palace. The ‘fencers’ will be two of St. Petersburg’s leading baroque violinists – Andrey Reshetin, Artistic Director of the EARLYMUSIC Festival, and Maria Krestinskaya, founder of the ‘Barocco Concertato’ ensemble. The ‘contestants’ in the second half of this two-part programme will be not only the performers but also the violin schools of Europe. The ‘South’ team will be represented by the celebrated Italian baroque virtuosos Pietro Locatelli, Pietro Nardini, Bartolomeo Campagnoli and Niccolo Paganini and the ‘North’ by Johann Sebastian Bach and Johan Helmich Roman.